Sunday, 10 January 2010


Hello folks, Anjan here. Thought I'd post a little Moronoid-related something that might be of interest.

The first story in issue 01 is called 'Spaghetti.' All the stories in Moronoid are in black and white, which was something we decided to do to keep costs down and save ourselves a bit of time, but Spaghetti was in fact originally a colour strip that I created for the Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Competition.

Unfortunately for me the strip didn't move the judges.

Since we published it in Moronoid I've discovered that it seems to create some confusion; what I thought was a solid, punchy and satifying ending turned out to be fairly ambiguous for some people. Oh well. Anyway, judge for colour!

(Any interesting theories about the final panel will be duly noted.)

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