Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Carl at 'Exposed Magazine' gave us this glowing review/preview.
Cheers matey...

Kill or Cure

Here's a 3 pager I did for Issue One called 'Kill or Cure'.
It was scripted by Marcus Daley and features a young
rocker on his way to his job at the local eatery.


We gave Issue One a reversable cover which was a shit
idea in retrospect and just confused everyone.

Issue One

Welcome to the Moronoid Blog. Issue One is available online from
our online shops (see opposite links) or from 'Rare and Racy' and
'Record Collector' in Sheffield and 'Travelling Man' in Manchester.
I'm hoping to get it into 'The Sandbar' in Manchester too asap aswell
as other venues here and there.
Here's a preview Anjan whipped up for the Leeds Con...